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Molly & Spirit Of Odin

First steps with Mum

Hello Everyone, well this is our brand new foal, Spirit of Odin, named by our competition results., Molly and Odin are both doing so well. He is busy feeding from his mum, he is taking regular drinks of milk as they walk round the field. Molly has a good appetite as she is constantly grazing. Sadly Molly has a big sarcoid on her back, so we have to take her and the foal to Leahurst so she can get treatment.

This treatment is very expensive so we are looking to raise funds by donations. Please click button to make a donation, every penny does count no matter how small, please give what you can to help save this new mum. Our team will be organizing a meet the Foal morning soon, watch the calendar for the date. Please check below to see if you can donate to our needy cause. We have a new video of our foal to view it click here. spirit of odin

Spirit of Odin

spirit of odin

Day One

Odin is a fabulous little foal and always hungry and feeds from his mum every few minutes. She is so good with him, her special baby gets everything he needs from her. Everyone is delighted with his progress. We cant wait for him to meet all his friends

Spirit of Odin


 Day Two

Day two and our foal is up and about.. We found out he is a boy. He is following his mum everywhere she goes. Just after having his jab from the vet, we think he was so tired out, he went fast asleep. Wide awake in the morning.

Spirit of Odin

spirit of Odin 

Day Three

Odin has spent some time exploring the field with his mum close always close by. He has had lots of visitors all wanting to see him. We would like you all to sponsor and help pay his vet bills

Spirit of Odin

spirit of odin

Day Four

A gorgeous picture of mum and foal together posing for us. Sad news is Molly has a sarcoid that needs treatment and that costs money, so please donate to help this lovely mum of our baby foal help keep them both well.