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Weaning is always a time that is difficult for both foal and mare. At our sanctuary we are very good at deciding what is best to do. Odin is now 8 months old and is ready to be fully weaned. His weaning programme began a few months ago with our horse trainer who uses very tiny subtle actions. It was so good Odin was perfect at following his instructions. Just 10 minutes a few days a week and he knows almost the same as our older horses. He was able to feed and stay with his mum every day so there was no interruption of his feeding or growing programme. He is now at a perfect weight and very active and healthy.

If we were to leave his weaning till later on, he would be getting out of control and we would not be able to work with him. This would make it very dangerous for our volunteers and the other horses. Using our gentle weaning approach you cannot tell he has moved away from his mom and understands so much until you see him working with us. Today he is in the field with his new friend buddy. They are playing games and having a great time. Molly his mom is going to our Neston fields for a well earned rest and some extra TLC from Laura our groundwork expert. We do take advice from the vets at Leahurst and our own horsemanship experts. We make sure our ponies and horses live a happy and stress-free life.


Odin is now ready to be gelded and have his passport and micro-chip done. Going into Leahurst for 3 days will be somewhat stressful for him, it will be his first time away from us all. We have been preparing him for the trip for about 2 months now, working with him almost every day by taking him for walks and then trailer loading him. He has been separated from his mum lots of times now, they both seem to be getting used to it. The vet said for Odin, it will be the best time to bring him in. We are all going to worry while he is away from us. There is so much to say about him we will update again soon. You can sponsor here to help with his vet bills.  Spirit Of Odin

Odin Growing Up odin head collar

Saturday morning, this is the first time Odin has had a head collar on. He was a little flighty at first but he soon calmed down to accept the head collar. We left it on for 10 mins then removed it. We repeated it once again before letting him and his Mum go back to the field. We did pick up his front legs during this time. So it was a great success and Odin was not upset by it all. Sunday Morning. Second fitting for Odin with the head collar. No problem he stood nice and still while it was  put on. Legs picked up even his back legs. It seems he has a lovely temperament and will be just great to work with as he gets older.

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We hope you can see how Odin has progressed from being a tiny foal to now looking like a young horse. We will be posting more pictures as he starts his groundwork training. But for now he is just being a lil foal and playing.

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