Vets r us

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When your horse is sick and needs some treatment what do you do. Call the vet of course and we are lucky to have some of the best vets around to come and assist us. Jenny, Luke, Elliot and Siobhan along with many other staff members all work hard to help keep our horses well. Leahurst animal hospital is the best teaching hospital in the country, that's why we always call them when we need help with our ponies and horses.

Sanctuary Team     

The pictures above are some of our experts who have kindly agreed to let us display them on our website. Vets, farrier and dentist. Also pictured are our own specialists and experts who give there time free to help rehabilitate our horses. Having worked with rescued horses in South Africa, Europe and all over the UK and also studied and worked with Monty & Kelly they have a vast amount of knowledge between them making it easy to handle any problem or situation. We cannot thank them enough for the work they do.

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