Natural Horsemanship

Throughout the year we will be once again holding courses and demonstrations of natural horsemanship, rehabilitation and liberty work. Our agility course days are now in full session again.

Natural horsemanship trainer Ben, with Equine behavior specialist Corinne will show you methods that build connections between horse and trainer. Where trust, leadership and love prove to be a horses best friend.

You will be amazed when you see how we work with horses making that all important connection which shows a true aspect of what is now commonly known as, Horse Whispering.

In our training we do not use whips, sticks or clickers. It is just you and your horse using equine body language. That is the natural way. We have found that using other methods takes a long time to teach your horse. With our method you will get instant results with any pony or horse.

You can book with us for 4 hours or for a day. Our groundwork training courses over a period of four weeks are only available to over 18s. Juniors 16 and under can attend the pony working days.

Trained by Monty Roberts & Kelly Marks as well as having over 35 years experience. We are not Monty Roberts but... We are the next best thing.

As usual there is a discount for all Leahurst / Liverpool Uni students. Places are limited so book your place early. Please click here to apply.  Courses    To find out more call: 07765470477

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