About Us

The Bamford family established the Pony Sanctuary in 1984. The sanctuary was then named " Badgers memorial pony sanctuary" after their much loved first rescued pony Badger. Since that time the pony sanctuary has grown steadily and currently has the responsibility of caring for 36 horses and ponies, plus one sweet donkey. It still remains a family run sanctuary, aided my a group of close friends and those much needed most valuable volunteers.

Parkgate land

In 1997 a plot of land was donated by a sponsor, which has now become the main area for people to come and see our horses and ponies during our event and open days. In November 1998 the sanctuary changed its name to: The Parkgate pony sanctuary.

The sanctuary continues to exist purely by sponsors, public funding and our own all year round fundraising efforts. Also Mr. M. Price who is amazing.

Our Aims

To monitor the health and care for horse and ponies in the Wirral area. To help and advise owners where necessary. To find suitable homes for our horses and  let told ones enjoy a good life in their latter years. To let non owner come and enjoy the sanctuary of horses.

To help people with horsemanship and stable work. To help the disabled ride, enjoy life in the equine world. Horses in the sanctuary will NEVER be sold.

Our Team



logo parkgateCorinne is the owner, trustee of Parkgate sanctuary and she works hard to keep everything running as smooth as possible. She has a good team around to her offer help and advice where needed.


parkgate poniesWithout volunteers this sanctuary could not be as good as it is. So many people are dedicated to helping the horses and ponies have a safe happy life. Giving up their time to help us all survive.

Kim & Richard

parkgate poniesDaughter & son to Corinne. They have grown up looking after the sanctuary horses. Doing so many tasks from tractor driving to stable work and working with the Parkgate vaulting team.



1) To monitor the health and care of horses/ponies in the Wirral area.  To help and advise owners where necessary.

2) To find suitable retirement for old, young, the not so pretty or athletic, disabled horses/ponies in the Wirral area.  Enabling them to enjoy their latter years.

3) Once a horse/pony comes into the Sanctuary, IT WILL NOT BE SOLD ON but a caring home can be found, and constantly monitored by the Sanctuary’s Trustees or agents.

4) To enable children and adults, not able to own a horse/pony, to enjoy the love and companionship an equine can give.

5) To introduce the basics ,horsemanship, stable management and general care of  horses/ponies.

6) To enable the disabled to enjoy driving and travelling in our horse/pony drawn vehicles.

7) To give talks and slide shows (free of charge to help raise the profile of the Sanctuary).

To give Sanctuary assistance to any animal or bird, be it wild or tame

Parkgate Needs Help

We need help all the time, if you would like to offer your services and skills there could be a place for you here.