Equine Centre Of Excellence

  Rescue & Rehabilitate  

Parkgate Pony Sanctuary, situated on the Wirral has been caring for rescued horses, ponies and donkeys since 1985. Since then many neglected, abused and homeless equines have found a secure and loving home until the end of their days. Suitable and rehabilitated animals are found caring new loan homes but are always able to return to the Sanctuary if circumstances change..

We began the principle of maintaining a loving and personal establishment, which allows for each animal to be cared for as an individual and given all the love and attention they deserve.

Since the beginning many children and adults including the disabled and the disadvantaged have gained great benefit from close contact with our animals. Our sanctuary is proud to be associated with Leahurst Equine, Autism Together, the BHS &  Police Horse Watch.

We need volunteers to join our equine team. To find out more:  click here

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